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*   FUA offers real Flinders University experience from day 1 as FUA is located on the University campus. FUA students have full access to all facilities and services that are available to any other international students including the library, cafeteria, same student portal and IT assistance, academic skills learning support and so on.

*   Great support for accommodation, homestay, guardianship for under 18 students .

 *   The upcoming Flinders University Festival Plaza campus in Adelaide city center will allow FUA students to experience the city while studying, and also enjoy special accommodation rates closely located next to the Festival Plaza campus

Trimester 3, 2023 (October Intake)

Applications  for the Academy Trimester 3, 2023 intake are now open. This intake is purposely designed for students who aim to transition into their destination degree in Semester 2, 2024.


*   Generous scholarships of 20% for all FUA pathways courses and also further scholarships once students move on to their destination degree

*   The Industry Inspiration Scholarship is a one-off $2,000 tuition deduction for international students choosing to pursue their dream in Creative Industries or Engineering.

*   The International Travel Bursary is a one-off $1,500 reduction in full course tuition fees to assist students in travelling to Australia and settle into a new environment.

Published on 30 May , 2023
By Ayesha