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Welcome to Edlocate

Edlocate has trusted and an unblemished history of over 20 years. Established in 1999 our first student enrolled in July 2000 with a full scholarship. Since then, we have placed many thousands of students on our Study Abroad Programs. We go out of our way to help genuine students to brighten their future. We help the parents who are anxious to see their children get this end result by sitting with them and going through their financial resources available to them to make this dream come true without them getting into any difficulties in life.

Studying abroad is not meant to students from affluent families. Majority of our students have been from middle class families. We give our maximum effort to ensure that your aims are fulfilled. All our professional services are free of charge, and we entertain students and parents for any number of counselling sessions. These are hard decisions especially made by parents for their school leaving children and equally hard for the post graduate students some who are even married who are planning to possibly leave employment and embark on a study pathway. The personal care and patience our counsellors have is our biggest strength for success for over two decades.

Our Vision

To be the number one ethical and trustworthy overseas student placement establishment in Sri Lanka and in the Maldives by adding further years to our 20 + years of unblemished credibility.

Our Mission

Edlocate provides an assortment of destinations in the overseas study option for the prospective students in Sri Lanka and in Maldives for tertiary studies. Through this we guide the students to elevate their educational/professional achievements giving them opportunities to be successful in the chosen field. This professional guidance is given at all different stages of their tertiary educational journey.