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Initially we will guide you towards the best career most suited to you in line

with your academic capabilities, your previous studies, your aspirations and ambitions in life. We will let you know which careers and skills will have future appeal. It is only such guidance will take you to select the course of studies that suits you best.

Once you have selected the career, we will guide you to select the pathway

(direct entry OR through a Foundation or a Diploma course), the country to study in  (we offer 7 destinations), the university to enrol in(we offer over 60 universities, several degree awarding institutes & university pathway providers) the ability to obtain cross credits towards the selected course based on recognised prior learning (like relevant Diploma/ Degrees) and explore the possibility to obtain for you scholarships on offer. We will not force you to make the selections but will place before you a fair number of alternatives for you to make the final decision – of course assisting with clarifications that may be required.

Having selected where and what to study we will discuss with you and your parents

the financial requirements. These will be with strict confidence. We will let you know – what to pay/ when to pay/ what resources in hand could be used, how the parents/ you could muster help and assistance from close family members and even friends etc. The idea of these discussions is to make sure that the parents do not get into any financial difficulties, undergo undue stress and are able to manage their affairs whilst helping you to study. Once you are enrolled our international office in Australia through its network of representatives in different countries will assist you with any academic and/or visa issues you may encounter