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Trinity College Dublin (University of Dublin)

  • The university is located in Dublin the capital city of Ireland
  • Trinity College, is the sole constituent college of the University of Dublin, a research university.
  • It is ranked at # 101 by QS 2022 ranking of best universities in the world. Trinity College Dublin, the University of Dublin is Ireland’s leading university, ranked No. 1 in Ireland
  • The university is strongly placed with world rankings in Medicine #105 (Offers under graduate medicine of 5 years and on completion students are provided an intern post as a trainee medical officer/intern after which they are eligible for full registration with the Irish Medical Council) Nursing #46, Computer Science & Information Systems #89, Pharmacy & Pharmacology #37, Psychology #101-150, #62 for Law & Legal Studies and Education & Training #69. & Social Studies
  • The Courses delivered are in disciplines of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences (including Drama, Theatre, Music, Films, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology and Social Studies) Business, Management, Economics, Computing & Information Systems, Education, Engineering (Biomed, Civil & Structural, Environment, Computer & Electronic) Health Sciences (Dental Hygiene, Dental Nursing, Human Nutrition & Dietetics, Immunology, Medical Chemistry, Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Neuro science, Nursing, Occupational Therapy, Pharmacy & Radiation Therapy), Law, Mathematics and Sciences (Chemical, Bio, Biomedical,,

University College Dublin – UCD

  • The university is located in Dublin the capital city of Ireland
  • UCD in Dublin ranked at # 173 by QS 2022 Ranking of best universities in the world and is a public research university, and a member institution of the National University of Ireland.
  • The university is strongly placed with world rankings in Agriculture & Forestry #51, Petroleum Engineering #50, Pharmacy & Pharmacology #101-150, Veterinary Science#23, Medicine #151-200 and Law & Legal Studies #81.
  • The extensive range of courses offered include in disciplines of Health – Undergraduate Medicine (One of the Best Global Universities for Clinical Medicine in Ireland. The Intern training posts are allocated through a national matching programme administered by the Health Service Executive (HSE) on the basis of individual’s position in the overall ranking of applicants), Biomed, Health & Life Sciences, Physiotherapy, Radiography) Law & Criminal Justice, Engineering (Biomed, Chemical, Civil, Electrical & Electronic, Mechanical Structural with Architecture) Architecture (Landscape & City Planning) Arts & Humanities including Music, Drama & Films, Agriculture (Agri Science, Agri & Environmental Science, Crop Science, Food Science), Business & Management, Economics, Finance, Sciences (Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Genetics, Microbiology, Pharmacology, Neuro Sc, Chemistry, Med Chemistry, Computer & Data sc, Geology, Space Sc) Social Sc (Psychology, Sociology, Sustainability), Sports Sc, Performance Sc, Health & Exercise Management, Vet Med, Animal Sc, Vet Nursing.
  • UCD also offers international students entry pathway to undergraduate courses, through the International Foundation year who do not have direct entry results

Dublin City University

  • The university is located in Dublin the capital city of Ireland in the North.
  • It is ranked at # 490 by QS 2022 Ranking of best universities in the world.
  • The University offers a wide range of courses at under & post graduate level in following major disciplines – Education, Business, Science & Health, Engineering & Computing and Humanities & Social Sciences. The courses which stand out with high level of appeal are -Digital Business & Innovations, Marketing Innovation Technologies, Aviation Management with Pilot or Air Traffic Control studies, Chemical Science, Analytical Science, Chemistry with AI, Chemical & Pharmacy Science, Physical Education & Biology, Bio Processing, Genetics &Cell Biology, Physics with Data Analytics, Actuarial & Finance, Financial Maths, Health & Society, Sustainable Systems & Energy, Data Science, Social Science & Cultural Innovation, Climate & Environment, Sustainability, Law & Society and Music & Communication.

National College of Ireland in Dublin

  • The university is located in Dublin the capital city of Ireland.
  • National College of Ireland is a not-for-profit, state-aided education institution in Dublin.
  • It is ranked at # 17 in Ireland.
  • The college’s Bachelor, Graduate Diploma, and Master courses are accredited by the Irish Government’s Quality and Qualifications Ireland (QQI);
  • The Bachelor degrees awarded by the university are in the disciplines of Accounting/ Finance/ HRM/ Marketing/ Management/ Business/ Education including Early Childhood/ Psychology/ Computing and Data Science
  • The courses at postgraduate level are in disciplines of Education/ HRM/Business/ Marketing/ Cloud Computing/Cyber Security (The top 5 worldwide companies in this field are located in Ireland)/ Data Analytics/ Finance and Entrepreneurship, Geo Science, Physical Sciences, Physics, Computer, Enviroment, Genetics, Nanoscience, Astrophysics & Sociology).

Technology University – Dublin

  • TU Dublin has a history stretching back over one hundred and thirty years.
  • It has campuses in Dublin City Centre as well as in 2 outer regions.
  • It is a leader in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths) disciplines with a wide mix of courses offered at both under and post graduate level in Architecture, Built Environment, Computing, IT, Data Analytics, Mathematics, Engineering, Science and Environment,
  • TU Dublin also offers courses in Education including Early Childhood Education, Sports & Leisure, Art, Design, Media, Business, Law, Languages, Culinary, Hospitality Tourism, Music, Drama, Creative & Performing Arts and Social Science.
  • International students can look forward to excellent student exchange programmes, major cross-collaboration research projects, and employment opportunities. There are over 100,000+ TU Dublin graduates who are making their careers in Ireland and in 70 countries worldwide thus excellent networking opportunities..