Adelaide brings you closer to success in study, work and live.


Firstly, this is an ideal city to be an international student. You are away from home in a distant land and you need a peace of mind and less hassles to concentrate on your studies. Most of the higher educational institutions are in the city of Adelaide itself within walking distances. You can find reasonably priced accommodation even in close proximity to the city with reasonable travel time. It has one of the best Central Markets slap-bang in the city itself to get your food provisions at very competitive prices.

When it comes to education, Adelaide stands as a leading city with renowned institutions at all levels covering all study areas of interest from professional to trade courses. The city is home to 3 universities – Adelaide University – a Group of 8 University of Australia, Flinders University & The University of South Australia offering internationally recognized degree courses at undergraduate and post graduate levels.. Additionally, private higher education institutions like Kaplan Business School and Le Cordon Bleu offer quality education in specialised study areas. Whilst the universities offer pathways to their degree courses through University Foundations (for those with OL or no direct entry AL results) & Diploma courses there are state owned and operated TAFE Colleges that offer courses to acquire trade qualifications with pathways to university degrees courses too.

To make education more accessible, each university in Adelaide offers scholarships up to 50%  for high achieving international students. Additionally, the Australian Government offers scholarships to more than 3,000 students each year, covering tuition fees, return air travel, and more.

What are some advantages of studying in Adelaide?

Adelaide is actively seeking skilled individuals for industries such as Engineering, Health, Information technology, Hospitality, Business and the Creative field. Meanwhile, the Australian government recently announced an extended post study ‘stay and work’ period for students with eligible qualifications.

International students who study in Adelaide can benefit from this programs for up to six years, depending on their qualification. This is in addition to the extra year of post study work rights already available to students in the city. This additional year is not available to international students in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane. Students with qualifications in fields such as medicine, nursing and medical technicians, veterinarians, engineers, ICT, teachers among others are eligible for the ‘stay and work’ programs.

Students are able to secure casual employment with ease to earn additional money for their living expenses. “Study Adelaide” through its “Job Shop,” assists students to secure part-time and casual jobs giving them hand to secure placements in leading businesses across retail,  hospitality, education, government and aged care sector.


Adelaide, South Australia, is a city with a growing economy and success awaits those who choose to study, work, and live here. With a demand for over 155,000 additional jobs in the next five years, Adelaide is actively seeking skilled individuals to fill positions across various industries such as Engineering, Health, Information Technology, Hospitality, Business, and the Creative sector. International students who opt to study abroad in Adelaide, Australia can benefit from the work opportunities available in this thriving city.


Why is it beneficial to choose South Australia to Live & work – post-studies?

Adelaide is ranked as one of the world’s top-most livable cities. The state has a population of 1.8 million people out of the total population of 26m in Australia. 80% of South Australians live in Adelaide and surrounding metropolitan areas. It is fifth-most populous city in Australia. The quality of life in South Australia is thus far better. One can expect to buy a standalone house within hours drive from the city centre for a fraction of an amount that needs to be spent for such a dwelling in a major city. There is a good selection of state and private schools in all areas. South Australia welcomes international students with good education in to contribute to the state’s growth.

Those who are interested to study in Adelaide Edlocate is willing to support to aspire their future goals.
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